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Acupuncture Treatment for Acne Vulgaris


What is Acne and How is It Treated with Acupuncture?



The outer surface of our body, our skin, of course, is not a simple protective case. Many functions that could be called complex are collected in the skin. These events continue on the skin together or sequential.

In acne disturbance a problem occurred on mechanism maintaining the skin wetness and lubrication.

Normal sweating gives the feeling of comfortless by moisturizing our skin. Also releases protective agents to the skin surface which reduces effect of the external factors.

In the acne disturbance, regular sweat production of sweat glands in the skin that allows the skin's natural moisture is impaired.

Sweating is usually realized as a sudden and abundant, sweating the other time of the day is realized that will not be enough for the skin's moistening.

Sebaceous glands produce too much oil tries to close that deficit. This excess oil produced, will clog channels of sweat glands and sebaceous glands by darkening on the skin on the surface and cause acne. In acne treating skin miniaturization plays an important role as reducing skin oil.

Acupuncture, reduces oiling by bringing the skin moisturizing such as sweating to the required level, and shows an outstanding success in treating by going to the roots of the disturbance.

Therefore acupuncture is faster than expected, more effective and more permanent in the treatment of acne compared to other treatment methods.  


Dr. Mehmet Salih Özaytürk

Translated by Nedim Yavuz

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